Be A Blessing,

Be A Blessing | Stories From The Home Front 1

By First Dallas Staff

Ecclesiastes 3 teaches us that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” While no one could have predicted that we would be sheltering at home to avoid a virus only a few months into 2020, it didn’t surprise the Lord. He is using and moving in His church to bring hope and impact lives for the Kingdom, and we love sharing stories of what God is doing.

A Time to Share the Gospel

A staff member has been making phone calls to connect to some of our vendors and contractors. One young contractor has been to the church before, but he knew when all this happened, he needed to call this staff member. The staff member shared the gospel, and the young man realized he had strayed away from God and is ready to come back.

Jimmy has experienced stress and anxiety due to the current pandemic. He has been watching Dr. Jeffress on television and listening to his sermons. He had told his wife that morning that he needed to get right with God. A member called and shared the gospel with him, and he prayed to trust Christ as his Lord and Savior! He was encouraged to visit our website and look at the different Sunday School classes and midweek Bible study options we are offering right now so he can better connect. He is hopeful to come to our church once normalcy resumes.

A Time to Invite

One of our Special Friends Sunday School teachers interacted with one of her neighbors online who posted a question asking for a good church to connect with during this time. The teacher promptly replied with some information about our church and our iCampus.

Family in a member’s neighborhood is going through a desperate time right now. They have been invited to every My 3 event we have hosted but have never attended. Our member told them about iCampus. Last week, they decided to tune into iCampus on Sunday for the first time because they saw the sermon title and needed encouragement.

A Time to Give

A PTV Partner shared her concern over losing her job due to her industry’s position right now. However, her husband had just been promoted and received his bonus. While struggling to navigate finances and bills, they feel convicted to continue to give and donate to Pathway to Victory, especially from his bonus because they see giving as part of their walk with the Lord, especially during this season of uncertainty.

One couple had a trip planned that they had to cancel. They decided to repurpose their trip deposit for the church to use for ministry during this season.

A Time to Connect

Ross attends South Beach Baptist church in Saltcoats, Scotland and has been forced to self-isolate When looking for an online sermon, he discovered a sermon by Dr. Jeffress on Revelation. He was reminded that nothing can separate us from the love of God. He is excited to continue watching the series and invited a friend to watch as well.

One of our Adult 4 Sunday School teachers drove to all of her members’ residences and spoke with them from a distance. She felt convicted to connect in person before the shelter-in-place order took effect. Now she is able to connect with all of them via phone and online.

Three hundred people (mainly students) tuned into Ask the Pastor on Wednesday night. This is triple the normal Wednesday night Avenue numbers in First Dallas Students! Students worked together throughout the week and studied the Bible together via technology to find questions to ask him.

A Time to Minister

One of our second grade Sunday School teachers was calling all the children in her class. She reached one dad whose daughter had started running a temperature. They had just learned their housekeeper, who is continuously in their home and around their family, was exposed to Coronavirus by one of her family members who had a positive diagnosis. The teacher was able to pray right then with the dad.  The dad knew the timing of the call was sent by God to encourage their hearts.

One of our members has friends in the Texas Panhandle who are struggling. Chemo treatments have created other health issues for the wife. Our member told his friend about the iCampus and Dr. Jeffress’ sermon on worry. His friend listened to the message and knew it was just for him in this season. He plans to become a regular listener now!

A Time to Celebrate

Randall and Melissa met at First Dallas and planned their wedding for a March weekend, but COVID-19 changed their plans. Jeff Adams, who was officiating the wedding, offered to marry them in the park by his home. They had a beautiful, small, memorable outdoor wedding celebrating their new covenant, despite the virus!