Mission 1:8 Generation Now Devotional | 2018 - Day 18

From Fear to Faith

By Pam Brewer

“By faith Rahab the harlot did not perish along with those who were disobedient, after she had welcomed the spies in peace.”

Hebrews 11:31

When we read the story of Rahab in Joshua 2, we find the city of Jericho in a state of panic. Can’t you just visualize it? Everyone from the King to the messengers of the city looking out over the wall to see the enemy Israel camped just a few steps outside the city gate. They know the mysterious success that the Israelites keep experiencing. They scurry around, fearful, plotting and scheming, desperate to keep safe everything they have and everyone they love.

Rahab was in the midst of this chaos and panic. She had a couple of choices to respond to this fearful time for herself and her family. She could join the city in dreading the invasion, or she could look at the history of this strange people and discover what they had that differed from her culture. She chose the latter. In Joshua 2:8-11, she tells the spies what she has discovered about their God and how He has delivered them time after time. She looked at her own situation, full of sin, struggle, and above all, fear. What difference did she find in these two cultures? She found God! Her beautiful expression of faith in the One who can deliver is found in Joshua 2:11-12. When she acknowledged the Lord, she expressed her personal belief in the One the two spies from Israel represented.

Rahab could never have guessed what God’s plan for her was once she took that leap of faith. She only wanted to be saved, she and her household, and she requested a relationship built on loyal love, but God intended so much more! If you look at the rest of her story in Joshua 6:17, 22-25, you discover that she was saved from Jericho, married a Jewish prince, and became the mother of Boaz, that great man of faith in the book of Ruth. Ultimately Ruth became the great-great-grandmother of none other than King David, and of course is named in the lineage of Jesus Christ himself (Matthew 1:4-6).

Sometimes I get so caught up in the worry and angst of life that I forget to look up and see that God has a plan that not only includes me, but He intends to use the very problem I worry about to fulfill His plan. Just like He did with Rahab.

Questions for Thought

  1. As you look at your current circumstances, where do you find fear winning out over faith?
  2. Where are you looking to find God’s plan for your future? Is it in a way that you can control, or is it in a way that God has planned?
  3. Look back in your own life at times that God has used a situation to direct you to a walk of faith instead of fear. How can you use this to present a legacy of faith to your friends and family?

Child Connection Questions

Remind your children that when we are afraid, we can trust in God. Talk about times you have been afraid and how God calmed your fears.


Commit to look and see where God is in your circumstances, and have faith that He will use His loyal, loving plan to see you through. Live a life of faith and not fear.

Author Bio

Pam Brewer

Director of Women’s Ministries

Pam is passionate about representing the women of the church and equipping them for ministry to one another, encouraging them in their own discipleship to expand for the kingdom of God. She and her husband, David, have two children, Ben and Natalie, and four grandsons.