Christmas Devotional | 2020 - Day 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch

By Shelly Taylor

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our LORD.”

Romans 6:23

Every year around the month of October, I encourage my children and other family members to send me their Christmas lists! We like to plan, and we love celebrating Christmas as a family. Decorating the tree and hanging the stockings over the fireplace happens early in the Taylor household, and finding the perfect gift for each person is always an exciting endeavor for me! I love to see the great big smiles of excitement when they open what I hope will be that perfect gift.

Historically, my greatest challenge has always been finding the right gift for my dad. After all, he had all the fun gadgets, and if he didn’t, he would just buy it. However, I always knew I would score big if I found the latest techy gift or something themed with Elvis Presley and included a bag of his favorite coffee from Starbucks.

One year, the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch had just come out. My dad mentioned how he would love to have that watch! Woohoo! I knew this was the gift I wanted to get just for him. My husband and I ran down to Best Buy and purchased the watch, with such gratification that this would be the best gift ever. Well….we were right. He loved the watch. I knew he loved it, because he kept thanking me and talking incessantly about all the things he could do with his new watch, including answering my phone calls! It really was the very best gift I could have given him. Not only was it the best tangible gift I gave him, it was the last gift I gave him, except for the Elvis Presley socks and bag of Breakfast Blend coffee from Starbucks. He went home to be with the LORD just a few months later.

I have thought about that gift so many times since then. It was a perfect gift, because he loved it, and I loved that he enjoyed it so much. What a sweet memory it is for me as I think about the happiness it brought him. Yet, as great as this gift seemed, and as thrilled as I was to give it to him, it pales in comparison to the gift we have all been given by God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

This Christmas season we celebrate the greatest gift God gave us, a gift we will never be able to repay. In exchange for our sins and shame, God offered us eternal salvation by sending His son, Jesus Christ to be our Savior. All we can do in return is accept this remarkable gift and pursue a relationship with the greatest gift giver of all!

Author Bio

Shelly Taylor

Shelly is passionate about serving in preschool and children’s ministry as these are the years when boys and girls are introduced to Jesus Christ for the very first time.  Married to Tye for over 20 years, Shelly has three children and two grandchildren.