Men's Devotional | 2021 - Day 12

The Art of Keeping Heart

By Luke Hardin

“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.”

Galatians 6:9

any of us have our own ideas of what makes a hero. Some of us might think that a hero is one who saves another from troubles. Others might say it is someone who sacrifices something for the sake of another. To me, a hero is one who, even amid trials and hardships, does not lose heart nor grow weary. I have the great fortune of knowing many people in my life like this, but the one that comes to mind currently is my grandfather.

In Galatians 6, Paul acknowledges the fact that the work of God is difficult and often faces many hardships. In that teaching, he encourages us to not lose heart in doing good so that we may reap what we sow. Paul recognizes that it is easy for the servants of God to become discouraged but directs us to do what is good to all people regardless. I believe my grandfather knew this teaching all too well.

During my grandfather’s time as a pastor, he faced several difficulties from those within the body of various churches that he pastored over the years. There were some that sought to undermine his teachings and stir up controversy in the church. There were others who had him removed because they did not like his teachings. But every time he would keep heart and continue to guide them and preach biblical truth despite their objections. He understood that as a servant of God, he was called to “not grow weary” so that he may receive the reward that is in Christ Jesus.

In his day, my grandfather faced several challenges to his faith and convictions, but he never grew weary of proclaiming the truth of Scripture, even to those who did not want to hear it. Throughout my Christian walk, I am often faced with hardships of my own quite different than what my grandfather had to endure during his life. But I can still think back to the example he left of not loosing heart and continuing to serve God, that I may reap the reward that is eternal life.

We all have different trials to endure, or our own struggles in our walk with Christ. It can be hard to persevere when it seems like what we say is not wanted or outright rejected. But we can look to Paul’s teachings as well as the example of others and not lose heart.

Author Bio

Luke Hardin

Men’s Devotional – Heroes

Luke is a Software Engineer and an avid computer nerd. As a member of First Baptist Dallas, Luke is a regular volunteer in the Orchestra, leader in College & Career Sunday School class, and serves regularly at The Summit. He is passionate about the orchestra ministry at the church and is constantly trying to get more college-aged people involved.