DU | Messiah: The Hero Of The Bible

Meet the Jesus you’ve scarcely known! The storyline of Scripture presents the coming Messiah as the Prophet-like-Moses, the Priest-like-Melchizedek, and the King-like-David. Understanding these roles in the Old Testament shines a spotlight on Jesus in the New Testament, helping us to better understand Him as our Savior and the Hero of the Bible. We first will look at the prophecies concerning these three roles in the Old Testament. Then, we will gain a deeper and richer appreciation 1) for the life of Jesus as it is presented in the Gospels, 2) for His current ministry at the right hand of the Father, and 3) for the blessed hope of His return and the establishment of His kingdom. As we trace the roles of Messiah, we will find Him leading us to a consideration of His kingdom.

Dr. Jim Sibley and his wife, Kathy, served Southern Baptists in Jewish ministry for more than 30 years, including almost 16 as missionaries in Israel, planting congregations in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. He is Research Professor of Biblical Studies at Israel College of the Bible and he and Kathy, recently completed a two-year assignment in Israel. Having received so much by growing up at First Baptist Dallas, Jim has had the opportunity to give back—by teaching young adults in the past and now in Discipleship U. With degrees from Baylor University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Southwestern Seminary, Jim is passionate about helping others gain a deeper understanding of Scripture and the crucial role God has for Israel.