DU | The Life Of Jesus | Part 2


Continue to study the incredible life of Jesus the Messiah in Part 2 of this exciting examination of His works, words, and wonders using the four-fold description of Him in the harmony of the gospels. The course will resume the investigation from the point of the rejection of His Messiahship and Messianic Kingdom by the religious leader and then by the people. We will then further investigate the change of ministry strategy with the nation of Israel, culminating in His passion and the atonement of His death, burial, and ultimate victory of resurrection and ascension into heaven. To do this, students will use Ariel’s Harmony of the Gospels by Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, their Bibles, and many extra-biblical sources and handouts to discover insights into the life, times, and earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus from the distinctly Jewish perspective of the first century. This course is designed to help you discover and gain understanding and appreciation of the Jewish context of the gospels, the early church, and our rich spiritual heritage of our faith in Jesus the Messiah.