Israel: The Key to the Bible

With all of the diversity and detail in the Bible, God has woven the story of Israel into the very fabric of His revelation to us. The result is that the people of Israel, God’s chosen people, gives unity to the entire Bible. A better understanding of Israel sheds light on everything else in Scripture. In this course, we will give attention to God’s promise of a Land, the Messianic Seed, and the blessings of salvation. We will also examine the Jewishness of Christianity, the relationship between Israel and the church, the reason there are relatively few Jewish Christians today, and what God has in store for Israel in the future. Come see what a difference this course can make in your understanding of God’s Word and God’s Plan. Selected topics to be covered: The Land: The Little- Known Backstory; The Remnant of Israel: Is It Significant? and The Restoration of Israel: What It Means for Us. 

Dr. Jim Sibley is Research Professor of Biblical Studies at Israel College of the Bible and he and his wife, Kathy, recently completed a two-year assignment in Israel. Having received so much by growing up at First Baptist Dallas, Jim has had the opportunity to give back— by teaching young adults in the past and now in Discipleship University. With degrees from Baylor University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Southwestern Seminary. Jim is passionate about helping others gain a deeper understanding of Scripture and the crucial role God has for Israel. 

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