My Life As A Single Mom | Seven Biblical Lessons For Transforming Your Life And Family | A Study For Single Mothers

My Life as a Single Mom: Seven Biblical Lessons for Transforming Your Life and Family is composed of collective wisdom from God’s Word as it relates to a single mom’s journey in life. The information is grouped into seven lessons that are essential for single moms to understand and put into practice in their daily lives. Through His Word, God has given us principles to instruct us, wisdom to guide us, and truths to stand on as we travel forward as single moms. When you finish this course, you will have developed a better understanding of our biblical call to:

(1) Follow God all our lives

(2) Persevere and stay the course

(3) Be courageous

(4) Wait on the Lord for wisdom and direction

(5) Remember God’s faithfulness

(6) Trust God completely

(7) Obey God completely