Not Home Yet: Insights For Aliens From 1 Peter

Many years ago, Chuck Swindoll wrote about the importance of Christians having “shallow tent pegs” in this life. It was his way of reminding readers of the temporary and transitory nature of this life. In addressing believers who are experiencing suffering as a result of living in a fallen world and because of their identification with Christ, Peter refers to them as “aliens” and “strangers.” It was his way of reminding them that they were “not home yet.” Join us for this enlightening biblical perspective of the Christian life. 

Course schedule: 

  • “A Living Hope” 1 :3-9 
  • “Fearful and Fearless” 1 :17-21 
  • “Good News for God’s People” 2 :4-10 
  • “Our Suffering Substitute” 2 :21-25 
  • “The Message Your Marriage Preaches” 3 :1-7 
  • “Hallowed by Hope” 3 :13-17 
  • “Before Time Runs Out” 4 :7-11 
  • “The Truth about Suffering” 4 :12-19 
  • “Taking God Seriously” 5 :1-4 
  • “Life under the Mighty Hand of God” 5 :5-7