We will study the first five books of the Old Testament for application today, renewing our faith with what C. S. Lewis calls “the good infection” of the gospel of Jesus Christ. From Genesis to Deuteronomy, we will follow the teachings of Moses, the archetype leader for Jesus Christ, and discover how the Mosaic Law and principles of the Old Testament apply to the new covenant for Christians today. A weekly survey of how to study each book of the Bible for nine weeks will be discussed and viewed from our present perspective through Christian application to a moral life.

Course schedule:

  • Sept. 10 | Overview, Introduction to the Course
  • Sept. 17 | How to Study the Old Testament from the
  • New Testament Perspective
  • Sept. 24 | Genesis: How to Be Born Again into the
  • Sacredness of Life
  • Oct. 1 | Exodus: How to Find God’s Promises in Our
  • Journey to the New Heaven and Earth
  • Oct. 8 | Leviticus: How to Live with Law and Order in a
  • Lawless Land
  • Oct. 15 | Numbers: How to Number Our Days in a
  • Meaningful Purpose
  • Oct. 22 | Deuteronomy: How to Remember the
  • Teachings of the Old Testament in a New Spirit
  • Oct. 29 | The 12 Tribes of Israel/The 144,000 Witnesses
  • Revealed in Ezekiel and Revelation
  • Nov. 5 | Conclusion: How to Make the Old Testament
  • New in Our New Witness


Dr. Harvey Solganick is the Teacher of the McLaughlin Sunday School class at First Dallas, Founder and Director of Faith Stone Messianic Ministry, and Adjunct Professor of Humanities, Arts, Sciences, and Education at LeTourneau University.