DU | Testing Your Beliefs: Doctrines Of The Faith And Their Opposing Heresies

This course is an introduction and practice of the desires, development, and disciplines of the Christian life with applications for immersion in the Word of God; the Spirit of Christ; the central doctrines of the faith; spiritual and moral formation and behaviors; and spiritual warfare ministry. We will systematically examine the nature, scope, and sources (including biblical and historical) of the Christian doctrines of the work of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the church, and end times (eschatology). We will study the Doctrines of Cults and False Religions: Jehovah’s Witnesses (Watchtower Society); Mormonism (Latter-day Saints); Eastern Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, and New Age; Islam Sects; Scientology and False Scientism; others.

Course Topics:

1/9 Introduction to Doctrines and Heresies The Doctrines of Inerrancy Part 1: The Word of God/Heresies

1/16 The Doctrines of God Part 2: The Doctrines of God/Heresies

1/23 The Doctrines of Mankind Part 3: The Doctrines of Man/Heresies

1/30 The Doctrines of Christ Part 4: Christ/Heresies

2/6 The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit Part 5: Holy Spirit/Heresies

2/20 The Doctrines of Redemption Part 6: The Doctrines of Redemption/Heresies

2/27 The Doctrines of the Church Part 7: The Doctrines of the Church/Heresies

3/6 The Doctrines of the Future/Cults Part 8: The Doctrines of Cults

3/20 The Doctrines of the Future/Heresies Part 9: The Doctrines of False Religions

Dr. Harvey Solganick is a member of First Baptist Dallas and has taught a variety of courses as Senior Professor of Humanities and Philosophy at The Scarborough College of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He teaches courses on biblical virtue, history of ideas in the church, Christian literature, and philosophical worldviews. He is the author of “Lessons from C.S. Lewis on Discipleship, Apologetics, and Evangelism,” and has authored books on “The Holiness of God and Sinfulness of Man,” and “Constructive Critical Thinking for the Conscientious Christian.”