The Way Of The Master: Intermediate Training Course

Do you want to share your faith, but struggle with what to say or how to strike up a conversation about it? Would you like to build the confidence to share your faith with strangers? Do you want to know how to handle tough witnessing situations? The Way of the Master Intermediate Training Course is designed to follow the Basic Training Course and improve the skills you learned previously. Even if you have not attended the Basic Training Course you are welcome anyway as we will review the basics and then help you to build on those skills. 

By now you should have been gently coaxed out of your comfort zone and be sharing your faith biblically with your family, friends, and even strangers. This course will give you additional training to help reach more people with the gospel, learn about the critical subject of true and false conversion, how to answer an evolutionist, how to witness to a family member, what to do “when things go wrong,” how to speak to a homosexual or an atheist, and other relevant topics that will further equip you to reach the lost. Join us as we encourage one another, hone our witnessing skills, and most importantly, put those skills into practice as we go out on “fishing trips” in an effort to reach the lost. 

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