What To Wear On The Journey To Heaven Or Hell?

Selecting The Spiritual Clothing Wardrobe A Study Of C. S. Lewis’, The Lion, Witch, And The Wardrobe

We will study C. S. Lewis’, The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe emphasizing the way we journey through the wardrobe on the path we choose to follow to heaven (Jesus, “The Lion of Judah”) or hell (Satan, “The Witch of Narnia”). In addition to excerpts from Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, we will study selections from Dr. Robert Jeffress’ books, A Place Called Heaven and Hell, Yes! Continuing our journey, we will study William Blake’s poetry, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Dante’s Paradiso/Inferno, and C. S. Lewis’ work on hell, The Great Divorce. We will conclude with the application of our study with Dr. Harvey Solganick’s book, Lessons from C. S. Lewis: Becoming an Evangelical Apologetic Disciple for Christ. 

Course Schedule: 

  • January 8: Introduction to the biblical view of heaven and hell 
  • January 15: The Lion, Aslan, as a symbol for Jesus Christ 
  • January 22: The Witch, as a s ymbol for Satan 
  • January 29: The Wardrobe, as a s ymbol for the Cloak of Righteousness and Armor for the Warrior in Ephesians 
  • February 5: Dr. Robert Jeffress, A Place called Heaven 
  • February 12: NO CLASS – “Super”/natural Bowl— Thrown into the Arena of Lions 
  • February 19: Robert Jeffress, Hell, Yes! —A Place Called Hell 
  • February 26: William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell 
  • March 5: Dante’s Paradiso/Inferno 
  • March 12: NO CLASS -Spring Break for the Regeneration of the Soul or Reckoning 
  • March 19: C. S. Lewis, The Great Divorce -The End of the Journey