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Reaching Your Prodigal

Welcome to Reaching Your Prodigal!

This ministry is dedicated to helping restore broken relationships. Whether your prodigal is a child, spouse, friend, sibling, or parent, we experience the weight of it in our life. Don’t give up hope. Learn how to navigate the journey, what helps and what hinders with “Reaching Your Prodigal.” This ministry sponsored by Pathways Christian Counseling Center provides a monthly support group, an upcoming one-day seminar, and a class.


Get Connected. Go Deeper.

If you’re experiencing the loss of a prodigal loved one who isn’t currently in touch with you, you probably feel helpless, and maybe even hopeless. You are not alone.

The Reaching Your Prodigal Support Group helps you get connected with other like-minded Christians who are also struggling with a prodigal. Whether your loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol, sexual immorality, identity, wandering away from faith, or any other issue, this support group provides a safe, caring environment where biblical truths are taught. Our guilt, shame, and embarrassment can cause us to withdraw. Our tears are so close to the surface we don’t want to talk about our loved one with others.

That’s why a support group is so valuable—there are others who share the same or similar feelings and concerns. There is no guilt or shame in reaching out for support from others. Mutual encouragement and shared trials help to lighten our load and increase our strength for the journey. This is where the power of support groups can help when the pain is too deep.

Turn helplessness into hopefulness. Find hope in the fact that when we are not able to be with our loved one, God is always with them…and with you too.

The Reaching Your Prodigal Support Group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
January 2024 – July 2024
Begins: Wednesday, January 17
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Criswell Center CC522


For more information, visit and/or contact Pathways Christian Counseling at 214.969.2456 or


Save the Date! Saturday, August 17, 2024

The Reaching Your Prodigal Seminar gives participants the opportunity to gain real life hope for real life issues. This seminar will include biblical guidance and practical application for those who love and are praying for the return of a prodigal. The day will be filled with exciting and gripping speakers who will provide insight into six things you must know about a prodigal:

  • Prodigal Thinking
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Prayer Strategy for Prodigals
  • Restoring What’s Been Lost
  • Hope for Your Homecoming
  • Dos and Don’ts During the Wait

Join June Hunt, founder of Hope for the Heart, Jim Haines, Minister to Senior Adults at First Dallas, and more!

For more information, call Pathways Christian Counseling at 214.969.2456


The Reaching Your Prodigal Class will return in the Fall of 2024.

The Reaching Your Prodigal Class is a 10-week class taught by June Hunt, founder of Hope for the Heart, and by Jim Haines, Minister to Senior Adults. The class provides help and encouragement for anyone experiencing pain from a loved one who has chosen to walk down a road of rebellion.

The class utilizes the book Reaching Your Prodigal: What Did I Do Wrong? What Do I Do Now? by Phil Waldrep.

For more information, call Pathways Christian Counseling at 214.969.2456