Mission 1:8 WIN NOW,

Mission 1:8 WIN NOW – Overview

By First Dallas Staff

Watch this video below from our Executive Pastor, Ben Lovvorn, as he reviews our new two-year ministry strategy, Mission 1:8 WIN NOW!

Mission 1:8 WIN NOW is the largest ministry budget we have ever asked for and have ever had.

Our Goal is $70 Million!

The $70 million goal will fund our church’s ministry priorities and help us seize strategic opportunities. We intend to allocate approximately $55 million to the ministry budget and $15 million toward additional mission initiatives and worldwide outreach. In Mission 1:8 WIN NOW, our goal is to win as many people as possible as quickly as possible to faith in Jesus Christ, in fulfillment of the Great Commission. All gifts given during these two years will be used to fund our ministries—locally, nationally, and internationally.

Join us on Sunday, December 11, for Commitment Sunday, where we will offer our commitments over the next two years to the Lord.

The time to win is NOW!

To learn more about Mission 1:8 WIN NOW visit, firstdallas.org/win.