Mission 1:8 WIN NOW,

Mission 1:8 WIN NOW – Rebecca St. James

By First Dallas Staff

Watch this video below from our Worship Resident Artist, Rebecca St. James, as she reflects on her year serving at First Dallas.

We are thrilled to announce that Rebecca St. James will once again be joining us as our Resident Artist in 2023!

Through Mission 1:8 WIN NOW we have exciting plans to refurbish and modernize the Historic Sanctuary venue to enhance our excellent contemporary worship experience with LED lighting, cameras, and state-of-the-art technology that will bring new people to our church and more effectively reach an online larger audience.

These are not just projects aimed at maintaining or improving facilities, but these are missional projects specifically designed to reach millions of more people worldwide for years and years to come.

By making a commitment, you are making an incredible impact on Christ locally, nationally, and internationally over the next two years.

Join us on Sunday, December 11, for Commitment Sunday, where we will offer our commitments over the next two years to the Lord.

The time to win is NOW!

To learn more about Mission 1:8 WIN NOW visit, firstdallas.org/win.