Mission 1:8 WIN NOW,

Mission 1:8 WIN NOW | Worship and Production Q&A with Dr. Tyler Brinson and Steve Reed

By First Dallas Staff

Executive Pastor, Ben Lovvorn, sits down with our Minister of Music and Worship, Dr. Tyler Brinson, and Minister of Worship Production, Steve Reed, to discuss how Mission 1:8 WIN NOW directly impacts our worship venues and capital projects! 

First Dallas has a rich history of innovating in multimedia ministry. Mission 1:8 WIN NOW will keep our media ministry vibrant for the next decade, providing the technology now necessary to further our worldwide outreach across all platforms. We will be working to:

Invest in an enhanced in-person worship experience with LED lighting. Strengthen the online and broadcast worship experience via new cameras and production equipment. 

Refurbish and modernize the Historic Sanctuary to provide an excellent contemporary worship experience to reach a new audience in Dallas and online. 

We value your membership in Christ’s body and the vital role you play here financially. Help us win as many people as possible as quickly as possible for Jesus Christ. Bring your commitment on Sunday, December 11, for Commitment Sunday, where we will offer our two-year pledges to the Lord.

“Run in such a way that you may win…” (1 Corinthians 9:24).

To learn more about Mission 1:8 WIN NOW visit, firstdallas.org/win.