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One Life, Countless Stories | Invite a Guest Sunday

By First Dallas Staff

First Baptist Dallas is thrilled to share some of the incredible stories that have unfolded from our recent “Invite a Guest Sunday” on October 1, one of the highest-attended Sundays in the history of our church. In the months leading up to this event, our members were challenged to invite the lost, the skeptic, or the unchurched to join us, resulting in thousands of individuals gathering together for a remarkable worship experience featuring Lee Strobel, the Newsboys, and Benjamin William Hastings. As we reflect on this special day, here are just a few of the success stories showcasing the difference each invitation made in the lives of others. 

“I recently moved to Dallas and met Betty, one of First Dallas’ members, at our independent living apartment. She has been involved with this church for many years. I mentioned that I listened to Pastor Jeffress on TV and would love to visit in person, and Betty invited me and a group of seniors to visit this last week. Thank you, Betty and the congregation!” – Linda 

“I have had a closer relationship with Jesus Christ since joining. Last Sunday, I asked God to use me to invite 100 people. God used me to invite 111. I saw five of those individuals here. One of those individuals told me Friday he loved it. I pray God will continue to bless First Baptist Dallas and do great things for the honor and glory of the King of Kings.” – Michael

“For the last few years, I’ve worked in Dallas while my family is primarily in Kansas. I’ve always respected Pastor Dr. Jeffress, and worshipping here is a joy! I love having my family and friends visit from Kansas, and last week, my East Dallas neighbor Edwin joined me for our “Invite a Guest Sunday” service. Continue to pray for his salvation with me. Thank you for your faithfulness in these challenging times!” – Stan

“I invited a guest last Sunday, a single middle-aged woman who was adopted as a child. Her adoptive parents passed away many years ago, leaving her alone without any immediate or extended family. She is alone in her walk through life without family ties. When leaving the service, she repeatedly expressed how much the experience meant to her. The next day, I received a text from her again stating, “I can smile again!” – Anonymous 

“I invited a total of five people to church for “Invite a Guest Sunday.” I reached out to Diego, who takes care of our pool, via text, sharing information about our church and explaining the significance of Jesus in my life. He responded by saying, ‘This was an answer to prayer,’ and he would like to bring his family. He mentioned that he had been actively looking for a church home. When our church started offering our church in Spanish, I knew this was a great opportunity to invite them. I believe this past Sunday was the perfect occasion to welcome visitors and introduce them to our wonderful worship experience.” – Jim 

These five stories are just a glimpse into the incredible evangelism efforts and inspiration that “Invite a Guest Sunday” brought to our community. We hope you’ve been as touched and motivated as we have been by these powerful testimonies. As we move forward with our mission to transform our world with God’s Word one life at a time, we eagerly anticipate our next big event on Christmas Sunday, December 24. We encourage you to keep inviting and sharing the love of Christ with those around you. Together, we can make a difference and spread the message of hope and salvation throughout Dallas and beyond. 

We want to celebrate all that the Lord has done in your lives! Share your story with us by emailing