Silent Friends

Silent Friends is a Sunday School ministry for the deaf.


The Sunday School class for deaf and hard of hearing youth is provided in sign language so that students can have access to Bible stories from the Old Testament and the New Testament and most importantly discover who Jesus is in their heart language!  Come and meet friends and dive in with us!

Micah Willis is the deaf Youth Ministry Director at Silent Friends Chapel.


College & Young Professionals

The College & Young Professionals Sunday School class at SFC focuses on reaching and equipping Deaf and hard-of-hearing people ages 18-30’s to be disciples of Jesus. The class studies the Word of God together, discussing what it means and how we can use it in our lives. American Sign Language is the primary language used in the class to provide full access to this community in their heart language.

The College & Young Professionals Sunday School class is led by Brandon Gaskin. Brandon grew up in Georgia and has a heart to reach and equip this generation of the deaf community.


Chronological Bible Study

Our Sunday class studies God’s Word using Deaf Harbor’s Chronological Bible Translation. They currently have 32 stories and are working on expanding the set to 110 stories later this year. The aim of the class is to engage in discussion and ask questions, as to mature our faith.

Alex Petersen is originally from Nebraska and graduated with a BS degree in Applied Networking and Systems Administration from RIT in Rochester, NY. He put his faith in Jesus when he was 26 years old. He and his wife, Rachael, have two children. God called them to move to Texas in 2018 to work for the Deaf Bible Society.



The Full-Lifers Sunday School class seeks to gather and teach Deaf individuals and couples age 30 and up to know and use the Word of God in their life. The class is offered in American Sign Language to provide full access to this group.

Karen Thomas is Deaf and is the Women’s Ministry Director at Silent Friends Chapel and has been teaching Sunday school since 1997. She has been part of SFC since 1980 and has a passion for teaching the Bible to the Deaf community.