Volunteer Testimony | Day One Music and Worship

By First Dallas Staff

We have many areas to serve in music and worship, including kid’s worship arts, students, college and singles, and Day One Frontline. If you have musical talents and a heart for worship, we would love for you to use your gifts in our ministry. 

Read this powerful testimonial from one of our music and worship volunteers, Meredith Harris. 

“In November 2019, the Lord called me to relocate to Dallas from Southern California. Four months later, COVID-19 lockdowns happened, and I lost my job. It is safe to say I spent the next two years hunkered down alone in my house, questioning if I had misunderstood the Lord’s call. I was happy in Southern California. I was thriving at work and had been leading worship every weekend at Saddleback Church for four years, a role that had filled me with much purpose and joy. My life was good, with close friendships and a Christian support system I’d never experienced. I was in a pandemic, without a job, in a city where I knew no one.  

It wasn’t a fun ‘season,’ but I did my best. I searched for an online church community and quickly became a member of First Baptist Dallas, watching services each week on iCampus until I could return to worship in person last year. Even coming from one of the largest churches in America, I must admit that stepping through the physical doors of First Dallas was an overwhelming experience. There were thousands of friendly faces, all with kind welcomes, but I felt utterly lost in a sea of people. I was alone. I had no one to sit with. No one to show me the ropes, and it was daunting. My gut reaction was to retreat to watching iCampus in the comfort of my home, but I knew that wasn’t what the Lord wanted. When Day One asked for volunteers to join the worship team, I didn’t feel ready to step up to the plate, but I also felt God telling me once again to ‘just say yes,’ so I did. 

It’s only been a few months, but after I said ‘yes,’ the floodgates opened, and I haven’t looked back. Since joining the team, I have surrounded myself with a community of believers who have welcomed me with open arms. They’ve encouraged me and prayed with me. Most of all, they’ve helped me not feel alone. They have given me a seat next to them during services. They care about my journey, and I am grateful to be a part of theirs. 

My biggest advice to anyone looking for community, friendship, and purpose is to do two things. First, pray that God will guide you toward a ministry that will best serve you and allow you to use your gifts to help others. Secondly, just say yes. God will do the rest.”

If the Lord has been stirring you to serve Him in a new way this year, please reach out to us. We would love to start a conversation about how you can volunteer in Day One. Just fill out this brief interest form and check “Day One.” Someone from our team will be in contact with you soon!