Volunteer Testimony | First Impressions

By First Dallas Staff

The First Impressions team is our Street-to-Seat ministry, ensuring everyone who comes to our church feels welcomed from the moment they arrive on campus. This is a tangible way of showing God’s love and offering hospitality and help when needed.

Let me introduce you to one of our First Impressions Team Volunteers, Deborah Jo Peterson.

Deborah watched our service on our iCampus online platform for several years, especially throughout the pandemic. She finally visited in person after her friend invited her to hear from a special guest on Sunday. Even though they weren’t looking for a church at the time, she pulled into the driveway for valet parking and felt the Holy Spirit come over her before she was even in the door. 

After deciding that First Baptist Dallas would be their new church home, she and her husband wanted to go all in! They took part in our First Step program, joined the church, and signed up to volunteer almost exactly one year ago.

Deborah says, I can’t tell you how fulfilling volunteering is for someone who is handicapped. Sometimes it affects my self-worth, and I think God may not want to use me. That went right out the window here. It’s so easy! We are the first impression people get when they walk through the door. How come more people don’t join us?”

She has used her time serving at the church as an opportunity to share the gospel. “I always pray in the morning before I go,” says Deborah. “I ask him to use me for his purpose. I always ask him to send me someone who needs to hear about Him. There is rarely a day that he doesn’t send me someone.”

When asked why people should volunteer, she said, “Maybe you couldn’t do what I do, but there is somewhere in the congregation for YOU. If I can do this, then anyone can do this.” 

We want you on the team!

You can find a place to serve through a wide variety of positions in First Impressions, including Parking Team, Campus Greeter, Welcome Center Host, and Usher. 

Fill out our online interest form, and we will contact you soon and help you put your gifts to work here at First Dallas!