Life Stage,


The men’s ministry of First Baptist Dallas desires to be one that: disciples, encourages, engages, challenges, and commissions men to go and serve.

Men who are discipled will disciple their families. Men who are encouraged will better lead and better love their families. Men who are engaged in ministry will demonstrate commitment and consistency. Men who are challenged will grow spiritually. Men who are commissioned to go and serve will set an example for those coming after them.

We desire to meet men where they are and to minister to them regardless of their background, tradition, culture, education, or socioeconomic status. Through the men’s ministry, participants can find discipleship and fellowship with like-minded believers.

Some of the avenues for men to be involved in ministry at First Baptist Dallas include Sunday school, recreational activities, Pastor’s Prayer Partners, father/son weekends, the annual men’s conference, service projects, specific Discipleship University classes, and 1:1 mentoring.