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At First Dallas, we believe that giving of our first fruits is an act of worship and a way that we can honor God with what He has given us.

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By partnering with First Baptist Dallas, you have the opportunity today to transform our world through God’s Word, one life at a time. God is using your generous gifts to advance His kingdom and equip the saints with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Mission 1:8 WIN NOW

Mission 1:8 WIN NOW will support our ministry opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally as the Lord makes them available to us. We diligently seek to structure our ministries and seize opportunities in a way that allows us to welcome guests, minister to our members, and deploy our people to make an impact in their own spheres of influence.

Digital Pledge Card

As you prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you recommit and/or increase to Mission 1:8 WIN NOW over the remainder of this two-year initiative, please ask yourself one question: How is God asking me to invest in spreading the gospel farther than ever before to win souls for Christ?

Please use this digital card to calculate and submit your recommitment and/or increase to Mission 1:8 Courageous. We will gather to submit our cards by or on Best Gift Sunday, December 19.

*Giving to the Mission 1:8 Courageous one-fund campaign will be allocated to fund the Ministry Budget, Missions Initiatives, and debt reduction.

Ways To Give

At First Dallas, we believe that giving of our first fruits is an act of worship and a way that we can honor God with what He has given us.

Giving FAQs

What is Pushpay®?

Pushpay® enables you to make safe and speedy smartphone payments. It is a free application that you can download, register, and then pay any organization who is listed on Pushpay®. It is available from the App Store™ for Apple™ iOS and from Google Play for Android.

Do I need to sign up for an account on Pushpay®?

You are not required to set up an account. However, it will make it easier for you to give in the future. This only takes a few minutes to set up.

Is Pushpay® safe?

Yes. Credit card details are not stored on your phone. Credit card details are tokenized and are stored on industrial grade servers where this information is then encrypted. The security setup we have used is the same as many banks and is PCI DSS compliant. For this reason, Pushpay® is considered significantly more secure than many current offerings including actually having a credit card physically present. If your phone is lost, no transactions can be made without your passcode, as opposed to current credit card theft.

What does it cost?

Pushpay® is free and available from the App Store™ for Apple™ iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. Pushpay® does not charge users to make payments. However, the use of Pushpay® may incur 3rd party fees such as from your mobile service provider or bank. For example, Pushpay® requires an internet data connection, so your mobile service provider may charge a fee for the data you use. Also, your bank’s standard transaction fees apply, including foreign currency fees if you make a payment in a different currency. The payment amount and currency (excluding any third party fees) is specified on each payment page, prior to passcode confirmation.

What if I lose my phone?

If your phone is lost, even if you are logged into Pushpay® no transactions can be made without your passcode. You can also freeze your account by logging into Pushpay®.com with your registered email and password and choosing the Freeze My Account option.

What if I forget my security passcode?

You can reset your account password by going to the reset password page.

What are the benefits of Pushpay® for a consumer?

Simply being able to pull out your phone and make a contribution in the space of a few seconds is compelling. Pushpay® is a safe and easy-to-use tool, allowing you to never miss the moment. To make this process even better, Pushpay® offers recurring contributions that are just as easy to setup.

Do customers need to sign up with a particular bank or credit card company?

Pushpay® works with any credit or debit card displaying Visa or MasterCard compatibility.

Do I get a receipt?

First Baptist Church of Dallas will provide you with a quarterly statement. However, you can view a list of your transactions that you have made using Pushpay®.

What platforms does Pushpay® operate on?

Pushpay® is available for Apple™ iOS and Android.

Can I donate or give online?

Click here for online giving.

Do you have envelopes available for me to mail in my tithe?

Yes! If you would like for us to mail you a supply of envelopes for your tithe contributions, please send your name, address, and telephone number to Blank envelopes are available in the pews of the Worship Center and Historic Sanctuary.

When will I receive a contribution statement?

First Baptist Dallas mails quarterly and year-end contribution statements. If you have a question about your contribution statements, you may contact the Finance & Accounting Office by e-mailing or by calling 214.969.2403.

How do I make a stock contribution?

For details on making a stock contribution, please contact us at 214.969.7722.