Jay and Danit, watch this personal video from Executive Pastor, Ben Lovvorn, thanking you for being faithful and committed members of our iCampus Community.

Jay and Danit, your partnership with First Dallas through Mission 1:8 is making an incredible impact for Christ. We value your commitment to the iCampus ministry and the vital role you have played in supporting it.

God has given our church an influential media ministry that shares the gospel worldwide. Mission 1:8 WIN NOW can help take it to new heights. Through WIN NOW, we can further the worldwide outreach of our church through ministries like iCampus and iCampus Kids.

This will include a few major initiatives:

1. Enhancing the iCampus viewer experience each Sunday through new cameras, production equipment, and LED lighting in our Worship Center.

2. Upgrading the streaming quality of our band-led worship venue and with new audio and visual technology.

These are missional projects with an exponential impact that can reach millions of people across the world for years to come.

Please prayerfully consider making a two-year financial commitment to Mission 1:8 WIN NOW. Your continued investment in this ministry will help us produce more digital resources and reach more people than ever before! You can submit your commitment card online at firstdallas.org/win.