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A Story of Divine Intervention

By First Dallas Staff

It was just like any other day when Jeff Adams, the Minister to Median Adults, started driving to work on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. It was typical Dallas traffic, with construction on Highway 67 all the way to downtown. Then, all of a sudden, Jeff said, “I was floating 20ft above myself and watching myself drive the Jeep with traffic moving around 55 mph.” He goes on to say, “I had never had an out-of-body experience like this before. Was I dying?” He distinctly remembers praying, “Lord, send your angels. I don’t want to kill anyone, and I don’t think it’s my time to die. Please have your angels park my Jeep.”

As he drove under the Red Bird bridge, there were two lanes between concrete walls. There was an entrance ramp with a triangle of grass and concrete open where God guided the angels to park Jeff’s car. Traffic was blowing by him in the middle section of the freeway when a pair of construction workers on the other side of the wall stopped and ran toward him.

“This is where things get somewhat fuzzy,” says Jeff. Somehow, he was able to give one of the workers his business card and said, “This is me. Please call this number.” They called First Dallas, and the receptionist routed the call to Ryland Whitehorn, the Executive Pastor of Ministries. Ryland alerted the team and then tried to help track down Jeff’s wife, Sheri. By this time, the construction workers had called 911, and EMTs were arriving on the scene. Despite his diagnosis of possible heart issues a few years prior, no one knew what was happening to him or why.

For the next six hours after the incident, Jeff said, “They ran every possible test, scan, and MRI on my entire body.” Staff members Guy Shafer and Brent McFadden, along with Jeff’s wife, Sheri, arrived at Baylor ER, where they prayed over him as the doctors and nurses stabilized Jeff, trying to figure out what was going on. Jeff said, “The only remnant of memory I have was waking with Guy saying, ‘Look at me. Look at me. It’s going to be alright.’”

It was then Jeff realized he had someone on his left, right, and shoulders praying for him as he fell back into his unconscious state. Around 2pm, Jeff woke up and started talking clearly and plainly, asking what was going on.

When Jeff had awoken, there were perplexed looks saying, “What just happened?” on everyone’s faces, including the doctors and nurses. Medically, there are no answers as to what happened. No tests or scans revealed any problems. There was no stroke, heart attack, or dehydration. Jeff says, “I firmly believe that my prayer circle changed the outcome of the day. My prayer circle changed my story.”

In the three-month follow-up visit with a panel of doctors, they were still scratching their heads. Jeff asked the medical professionals, “Do you believe in divine intervention?” One had a condescending look and shook his head, “No.” In contrast, the other smiled, saying, “Yes.” In response, Jeff said, “I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was showing off that day—testifying His sovereignty over modern medicine.”

God used Jeff on March 30 to awaken prayer in hundreds, if not thousands, of people and families throughout First Baptist Dallas. Not to mention setting social media on fire with calls for prayer warriors around the globe. Looking back on this experience, Jeff said, “I had warriors interceding on my behalf like never before in my life. It’s very humbling to think about that many people petitioning the Father on your behalf.” God demonstrated His healing power that day to show the power of believers who join together in prayer.

Jeff says, “I may not be able to define the exact purpose behind God allowing that set of circumstances in my life that day, but my goal now is to be faithful to the blessing.” His story is a reminder to us all to be obedient to share God’s unending faithfulness, reminding us He is the giver and the sustainer of life. As Scripture says, “the prayers of righteous men avail much” (James 5:17). Through Jeff’s journey, we are inspired to lean into the assurance that God is in control of our lives, orchestrating moments of grace and healing beyond our comprehension.

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