Be A Blessing,

Be a Blessing | Stories from the Home Front 4

By First Dallas Staff

Ecclesiastes 3 teaches us that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” While no one could have predicted that we would be sheltering at home to avoid a virus only a few months into 2020, it didn’t surprise the Lord. He is using and moving in His church to bring hope and impact lives for the Kingdom, and we love sharing stories of what God is doing.

A Time to Share the Gospel

Kevin invited two of his cousins in Brazil to watch the service. One is not a Christian and told Kevin that he has NEVER heard the gospel in such a clear way.

Judy is 84-years-old and has lived in a rehabilitation facility for the last few months after breaking her hip while undergoing cancer treatment. She has felt pretty low about her situation at times and wants to be back at church. She spoke about her home phone going down and having to have a repair man to come out and fix it.  It took him two hours to repair, so during that time, she decided to ask if he was a Christian.  He told her he didn’t think he was. She encouraged him to consider faith and be a strong leader for his home. No matter our age, our struggles, and hardships, we are called to transform the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Time to Invite

Kristy has visited our church a few times but isn’t plugged in. She reached out this week to share that her husband, a long-haul trucker, made time to stop and listen to the message on Sunday. Praise God!

A whole portion of a village in Belize tuned in to the message this week. Because of relationships formed from missionary efforts and relationships built last year, the team has still been able to minister, even though countries apart!

A Time to Connect

Two teenage moms have come to the church off and on. One of the staff reached out and invited them to Plus One More just before the virus hit. They both been in contact with the staff member since then, and she was able to “introduce” them to one another during this time of shelter-in-place. They are being such encouragement to one another!

A Time to Minister

Barbara called her 90-year-old friend to check on her and, in the conversation, learned that her friend’s church was having services online but she did not have a computer. Barbara asked if she would be interested in the information to access our services on the radio and on television. She was delighted, so Barbara provided her with that information, as well as how to access Pathway to Victory during the week. Barbara was able to be a blessing, minister to, and connect her friend, and be encouraged when she discovered her friend is working on a quilt for one of the children at the children’s hospital—her own “be a blessing” project.

Tiniesha was sitting in an empty parking lot on a work call when she saw a family on the way back to their van from Walmart. She felt the need to check on the family and learned that they needed a fuel pump but also sensed from the conversation that they were living in the van. She prayed with them and then began to bring them items that they might need, such as food and blankets. She sent a prayer request to her Sunday School class, and a couple decided that they wanted to help and provided the family with a week in a hotel, groceries, and a fuel pump. Tiniesha was also able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the family. The wife and mom told Tiniesha that after hearing the truth, she knows life will never be the same and knows that God sent Tiniesha to them just so she could share the gospel.