Do you feel discouraged because of a difficult relationship? Do you long for reconciliation due to a broken relationship? Right now, are you looking for a way to connect…but the emotional distance seems so great, you simply don’t know what to do? You want to connect, but conflict keeps you apart. Join June as she shares practical principles and biblical building blocks to “bridge the gap” and find fulfillment. You really can learn how to deal with difficult relationships.

  • January 14 – Conflict Resolution: Solving Your People Problems
    • Some people attack and others avoid, but neither brings peace. See what God says works!
  • January 21 – Manipulation: Cutting the Strings That Control You
    • Cut the strings of a controller and build healthy connections with others.
  • January 28 – Confrontation: Challenging Others to Change
    • Confrontation can be awkward, but necessary. Expose wrongs to establish what is right.
  • February 4 – Verbal & Emotional Abuse: Victory Over the Power of Abuse
    • Hurtful words and actions cause pain. Learn how to heal past and present pain.
  • February 11 – (No Class – Super Bowl Sunday)
  • February 18 – Forgiveness: Releasing You Is Freeing Me
    • Bitterness and resentment doom relationships, but freedom is found in forgiveness.
  • February 25 – Critical Spirit: Confronting the Heart of a Critic
    • Learn how to respond, heal, and stop the cycle of harsh and hurtful criticism.
  • March 3 – Codependency: The Need to Be Needed
    • Discover how this unhealthy relationship keeps one person dependent on another.
  • March 10 – (No Class – Spring Break)
  • March 17 – Reconciliation: Restoring Broken Relationships
    • Learn how to forgive the “unforgivable,” move past hurt, and restore relationships


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June Hunt, author, speaker, singer—is the Founder of Hope for the Heart, a ministry presenting biblical hope and practical help on everyday problems. Her nightly radio broadcast, Hope in the Night, offers live, call-in counseling from 11pm to midnight on KCBI 90.9 FM & KWRD 100.7 FM.