One Life,

One Life | How to Use Your New One Life Board

By First Dallas Staff

Volunteer Leaders,

We want to share a resource we’ve created to help you get ready to start using your new One Life board. In the video below, Ryland Whitehorn explains the elements of the board, how to use it each week, and why we’re putting such an emphasis on One Life. Every Sunday School class will have a board in place and ready to go on Sunday, August 20.

Ryland and John Bernard have worked together to develop a prototype One Life board in our Sunday School class earlier this year. We’ve already begun to see how God can use it. Everyone knows someone they can invite to church. The board offers a visible weekly reminder to pray and look for opportunities to make those invitations.

We know that God can do a great work through you as you lead your class. Let’s humble ourselves before God and ask Him to move here at First Dallas. Each of us was once invited into God’s family. What a privilege it is now to get to invite others to share in same the joy and reconciliation we’ve each received.