Seeds of Faith

By First Dallas Staff

When people are moved to share their faith, it often happens when they least expect it and exactly when the recipient needs it most. This was the case for 20-year-old Fernando Rangel, who works at a downtown Dallas restaurant frequented by Daniel Matehuala, the Video Producer/Editor for iCampus Kids, and his friend Paul, a member of the Singles Sunday School class. While Fernando was there to take orders from customers, Daniel took the opportunity to invite him to church. He told Fernando, “Come learn about God and the truth of the Bible.” This invitation sowed a seed of curiosity and longing in Fernando’s heart, and he knew he had to explore his feelings and questions further. 

A few days later, Fernando reached out to Daniel to connect. They met at a local coffee shop, where Daniel shared the gospel with him. “Daniel talked to me about Jesus and how trusting in Him would be the best decision of my life,” said Fernando. Daniel was right—that day, Fernando trusted in Jesus as His personal Savior. Since the moment Fernando made this decision, he said, “I felt joy, peace, and happiness. It was something I hadn’t felt before from anybody.”

In the days that followed, Fernando was eager to nurture his faith and met with the Minister en Español, Dr. Humberto Gonzalez, at St. Paul Cafe. The two men discussed his newfound faith in Jesus. Fernando said, “When I received Jesus Christ as my Savior, I felt like it was the best decision I have ever made.” He also acknowledged the significant ways he wanted to grow since that pivotal moment. He continues, “God opened my eyes and showed me what was happening in that part of my life, and I needed to change, to give up many things to follow Him.”

Fernando said the next step he wanted to take was to follow in believers’ baptism. He said, “I want to be baptized because I wanted to make this decision to believe in Jesus for myself, not through emotions. I have surrendered my life to Christ and want to follow Him.” 

A few weeks later, on Sunday morning, January 21, 2024 during the 9:15am service, Dr. Gonzalez baptized Fernando as a brother in Christ. Fernando’s parents, Fernando and Karina, came to witness his baptism and wanted to be there to support him even though his mom was still not a believer. Since then, they have had several conversations, and Fernando says, “I feel like I am making progress with my mother.”

Today, Fernando is a vibrant member of a Sunday School class in the Singles Ministry and attends the Encuentro de Adoración service led by Dr. Gonzalez in Truett Chapel every Sunday at 11am, where he learns the Word of God in Spanish.

Grateful for the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, Fernando gives all glory to God. “I carry my Bible everywhere I go,” he says, aiming to learn and inspire others to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Fernando’s faith started small, but it has quickly grown into something beautiful. He knows deeply the power of planting a seed and is using his story to do the same for others, saying, “I am trying to plant the seeds that Daniel planted in me.”

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