Back to the Basics,

The Human Experience

By First Dallas Staff

We serve a big God. He’s Creator, sovereign, and loving, among many other attributes. But He took it one step further. He sent His only Son to experience human life. Only He took it one step further…He lived perfectly, served selflessly, and died sacrificially.

1. He experienced human life.

Never let it be said that Jesus can’t relate to our suffering or experience. He lived as a human. He had a family, a job, and relationships with others (Mark 6:3Philippians 2:6-8). He lost friends, experienced betrayal, and suffered hunger, fatigue, and loneliness. But Jesus knew His purpose and His ministry. He loved fully and served everyone He came in contact with.

2. He did what we couldn’t.

Very few of us understand what it would feel like to give up a child for the salvation of humanity. And few of us can grasp the fullness of laying down our life for someone else. Jesus did that and more. In the midst of betrayal, He remembered His identity (John 18:1-11). In the midst of beatings, He remembered His mission (John 18:19-24). Even in the garden, when He could have avoided the cross, He submitted to His Father and bore the weight of the world (Luke 22:39-44).

3. He provided a way.

Jesus’ death on the cross provided a way for us to live eternally with Him if we choose to trust in Him. His resurrection affirmed His divinity and His power. His ascension to heaven demonstrated that His plan from the beginning has been building a home for us.

Jesus came to earth, fully God and fully man, lived a perfect life, died on our behalf, rose again, and went to prepare a home for us. Our God is all about restoring our ability to have a relationship with Him. He did the work. The choice is ours. And our eternal home with a loving Father is waiting.