Mission 1:8 WIN NOW,

Why do I need to make a Mission 1:8 commitment?

By First Dallas Staff

A crucial part of how we do Mission 1:8 here is that we ask you to commit ahead of time for what you intend to give each two years. Here are two important reasons why we do this.

Receiving commitments ahead of time helps tremendously in our planning process. At First Baptist Dallas, we’re investing in ministries and initiatives that are ambitious. We’re operating at a huge scale, trying to spread the gospel throughout the whole world. So when we adopt a new ministry strategy through Mission 1:8 every two years, it really helps to know ahead of time what resources we can anticipate having in order to implement these plans. We want to always be growing our ministry to reach more people in more ways. When we have your pledge ahead of time and we know what you plan to give, then we can pursue exciting ministry opportunities more strategically.

Another reason we do commitments every two years is that it is a formative spiritual practice for us. The Lord calls us to give ourselves to Him, to give our entire lives to Him as living sacrifices. When you make a two-year commitment to Mission 1:8, it’s about more than giving your money. It is an act of giving yourself to God, of committing yourself to His mission and to His people here at First Baptist Dallas. You’re making a commitment to fully invest yourself in God’s work and to invest your resources to help win as many people as possible to faith in Jesus Christ.

To learn more about Mission 1:8 WIN NOW visit, firstdallas.org/win.