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Building a Love that Lasts

By First Dallas Staff

In a world where godly marriages are increasingly rare, Blake and Katy Kirbo stand as a shining example of what it means to keep God at the center of their relationship. Surrounded by a strong community of believers at every stage, they live out Mark 10:9, “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” This is the purpose of the Young Married Ministry at First Dallas—to provide vital support and encouragement to couples like Katy and Blake, emphasizing the importance of a community that uplifts and guides in fostering a strong, faith-centered marriage.

“I was looking for a church home when Katy and I were already dating,” says Blake. “Katy’s grandmother watches the sermons on Pathway to Victory’s television program regularly, so she suggested we go to First Dallas,” he continues to say. Even though Blake had a list of churches to visit, his first and only visit was First Dallas. After Katy graduated college in 2022, the couple began attending regularly together. They found an immediate connection in their Sunday School community, Duet, and received encouragement from their Young Married Minister, Barry Ford. Katy describes First Dallas as “the best church with the best pastor,” emphasizing its authenticity. “First Baptist Dallas is the core of our relationship,” she adds.

As a seriously dating couple, Blake and Katy participated in the Nearly Wed Seminar, a 12-week Sunday School course guided by mentors who share biblical teaching, enriching conversation, and engaging group activities for a thriving, healthy, God-honoring marriage. Throughout the course, Blake and Katy, among others, discussed topics like personality types, love languages, healthy communication, and conflict skills, all rooted in God’s Word. With the guidance of their minister, Barry, the future Kirbos learned to navigate the intricacies of marriage, rooted in the teaching of the Bible. By the end of the seminar, Blake said, “I knew I was going to propose. But I didn’t know where.” He seized the perfect opportunity—to propose at the graduation of their NearlyWed Seminar.

“I wanted to do something special to propose,” Blake explains. So before showcasing the ring he would use to ask Katy to marry him in front of the church’s fountain, Katy was handed a Bible. It was the exact same Bible that she had before but with just one subtle change. After a quick double take, Katy noticed her soon-to-be new last name on it and looked up to see Blake down on one knee. “Giving her a Bible during the proposal served as an additional symbol that day. It symbolized what would be at the core of this new step in our relationship: Christ.” It was then that Katy said “yes” to her forever and was able to celebrate their engagement with their families and peers with whom they had grown spiritually along the way. 

On October 27, 2023, Katy walked down the aisle to meet the love of her life, officiated by none other than their mentor, Barry Ford, who had encouraged and supported them along the way. The Kirbos’ vow to say “I do,” uniting them as husband and wife, wasn’t merely witnessed by the church; it became the very essence of their journey as a couple. Thanks to the supportive community who navigated these significant stages with them, they had the necessary support to fulfill their commitment made before God.

Whether dating, engaged, or married, the way they are able to place God at the center of their marriage is by being in “God’s house with God’s people,” says Katy. Now, as a wife, Katy says, “Daily prayer and staying connected with our church community are crucial in our married life.” She said she had prayed for her future husband for years before ever knowing who that would be. 

The Kirbos’ love story unfolded within the walls of First Dallas thanks to a supportive community of believers and a constant reminder of God’s great love for us. Their union serves as a testament to the profound truth that, like Christ loves the church, we, too, are called to love and cherish the spiritual family, His bride.

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Listen to the Kirbos’ story below!