Day One Christmas

Historic Sanctuary

Join us for our Christmas service in Day One on December 18.


Bible Drill

HFC Level 6

The First Dallas Bible Drill ministry invites children and students between grades 4–12 to learn Bible skills, memorize Scripture passages, and embed...

Christmas & Keyboards

We are excited to announce that First Baptist Dallas will be hosting “Christmas and Keyboards” on Sunday, December 18, at 6pm in...

Christmas Day

Worship Center

Join us for a special Christmas service on Sunday, December 25 at 11am ONLY in the Worship Center. We will not have...

Day One | Christmas Tear Down

Historic Sanctuary

Day One needs help taking down Christmas decorations! We will be serving dinner to volunteers who help tear down the Day One...

Mission 1:8 WIN NOW Best Gift Sunday

Our next two-year ministry strategy—Mission 1:8 WIN NOW—is about to get underway. This is an ambitious plan to win as many people...


Men’s Bible Study


Gather with other men for discipleship, encouragement, prayer, and Bible study. This spring, we will study John, looking at the life of...