iCampus’ Impact Locally and Internationally

By First Dallas Staff

The mission of our First Dallas iCampus is to encourage discipleship wherever you are in the world and wherever you are in your walk with the Lord. The iCampus continues to reach thousands of people every single Sunday. 

Read this personal testimony about how the iCampus is changing lives locally. 

Elizabeth watched First Dallas on iCampus every Sunday. One of her daughters, Bella, was starting to get very sick and later they found out that she had a brain tumor. Bella had to have intensive brain surgery and recovery. Dr. Jeffress’ sermons were what helped Elizabeth through this tough time of recovery. She said that God had used Dr. Jeffress to prepare her heart and faith for this journey. One Sunday, while watching our service, Elizabeth, Bella, and their entire family of five all prayed to trust in Christ as their Savior! They came to First Dallas in September to be baptized here.

Read this personal testimony about how the iCampus is changing lives internationally. 

“I had given up serving God in 2018. I could not see any more hope for me. But in March of 2021, I started watching the First Dallas services online and reading the daily devotional from Dr. Jeffress every single morning. I can say that God changed my life, delivered me from my addictions, and restored my soul. Thank you Jesus for First Dallas and Dr. Jeffress.” – Samuel from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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