Get rooted in God’s Word with a free devotional ebook from First Baptist Dallas.

Psalm 1 says that those who are righteous are like a tree planted by a river, whose roots can drink deeply of the water, causing it to grow strong and produce much fruit.

A tree can only be strong and fruitful if it is well-rooted.

The same is true for us! We grow our roots by reading and internalizing the Scriptures. The more of God’s Word that we take in and apply to our lives, the more mature we become as followers of Jesus.

To help you sink your roots into the Bible, we’ve created a 14-day devotional ebook featuring a key passage of Scripture and an insightful thought from our team at First Baptist Dallas.

These 14 devotions will inspire, exhort, encourage, and uplift—helping you to grow stronger in your faith each day.

The ebook is called “Rooted: Verses to Live By” and it’s free for you to read and share with others. To get your copy, just let us know where to email it using the form below!