Why Spring Training?

Spring training is an annual time that baseball teams set aside to form good habits. Once teams form these habits together, they’re refreshed and fit to start a successful season. If sports franchises recognize the need for training and refreshing good habits, how much more do we need this for the church and our spiritual lives? So let’s train together.

At First Baptist Dallas we want to work together to get spiritually fit. That means getting back into the daily and weekly habits that condition us spiritually to know and love God. When we gather in person with the church weekly, when we read Scripture and pray daily, when we give and share our faith, we experience joy and see the power of God working through us in the lives of others.

Our new eBook, Spring Training: 8 Weeks to Spiritual Fitness, gives you simple steps you can follow, as well as a handy checklist, to spring back into Spiritual Health.

Join First Baptist Dallas as we go through studying and implementing 5 habits into our daily lives: 

  • Habit 1 – Gather weekly with God’s people for worship and Sunday School
  • Habit 2 – Pray daily
  • Habit 3 – Read God’s Word daily
  • Habit 4 – Give generously to support God’s work and mission
  • Habit 5 – Share the Christian faith with others

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