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Why do we have a “one-fund” Mission 1:8 campaign?

By First Dallas Staff

People often ask about “one-fund” giving, since every church approaches giving differently. Our approach since we started Mission 1:8 has been to use a “one-fund” strategy to our giving and our ministry budget. So let me explain briefly what that is and why we’ve found it to be so helpful to achieving our mission as a church.

One-fund giving means that every gift given to our church, no matter when it is given throughout the year, goes to the same place: to Mission 1:8. So if you’ve given a gift to First Baptist Dallas recently, you’ve already given to Mission 1:8. Mission 1:8 funds are used to support every aspect of our ministry as a church. Every ministry that we offer, every event that we have, every resource that we produce—it is all supported by the gifts given to Mission 1:8. We also use Mission 1:8 funds to drive special initiatives, to seize timely opportunities, and to join with local and international missions partners. A simple way to think about it is: All the gifts you give go toward Mission 1:8, and all the ministry our church does comes from Mission 1:8.

Since we started Mission 1:8 in 2014, we’ve used this one-fund approach to giving. It has been remarkable how God has blessed it. It has brought an incredible unity to our church and a strong sense of shared purpose. Instead of asking for different offerings given to different funds and different ministries throughout each year, everyone gives every gift towards the same mission—reaching our city, nation, and world for Christ.

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