HeartStrong | Pam’s Testimony

By First Dallas Staff

The HeartStrong Women’s Conference is a gathering of women coming together to worship, pray, learn, and ultimately lead others to Christ. Women will grow and flourish as they root themselves in the good soil of the Gospel, gaining influence and impact for the Kingdom of God. This year, we are excited to hear from our special guest speakers, including Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pam Brewer, Lisa Harper, and Nicole C. Mullen.

Watch this incredible testimonial video by the Director of Women’s Ministry, Pam Brewer, as she shares how the women she ministers to flipped roles and gave her the prayers, encouragement, and support she needed after the unexpected loss of her sister.

We hope you can join us for the HeartStrong Women’s Conference on February 24 and 25! To learn more or to purchase tickets, visit