Summer Devotional | 2020 - Day 16

I Got in an Accident

By Davin Hutchinson

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?”

Matthew 6:25

While in college, I gave a friend a ride to an airport two hours away from my home. Twenty minutes into my return journey, I found myself in a three-car collision. I was at fault, and unfortunately, I was driving my friend’s van and totaled it. I remember sitting on the highway waiting for the police to arrive, during which, a procession of thoughts danced around my mind: “Did I hurt anyone?” “Will insurance cover?” “Oh, my goodness, I’m getting sued.” “Where will I sleep tonight?” I was far from my apartment with a few dollars, it was late into the evening, and I did not know how, or if I would get home.

We all experience horrible days, and if we are not in one, we anxiously wait for a dreadful day to arrive. What’s worse, we often don’t know how it’s coming. Is it a phone call, an accident, stock crash, or sickness? Anxiety can even fill our hearts while we are having a good day because we wonder which bad day waits around the corner?

We spend time trying to minimize our anxiety. Some buy insurance to replace their treasures. Others look for better jobs to earn more money and climb the financial security mountain. “Honey, let’s get a home in a better neighborhood. Have you seen the new SUV with impressive safety features?” We get home and car alarms, and—since we are Texans—a couple guns, yet we still worry.

Nothing is wrong with any of these actions. We have a responsibility to protect our families and prepare for periods of famine as God’s Word teaches. However, worry comes when our trust is in our ability to provide and protect, rather than God’s. When Jesus told us not to worry, He said look to our heavenly Father. He rules over all things and cares for all of His creation, even down to the flowers and birds. Will He not take care of you?

God knows our needs before we present them in prayer. He’s aware of every hair on our head, so why wouldn’t He know every burden? Jesus understands the challenge of trusting God during suffering, and still He says, “do not worry about your life.” In every season of life remember, God will take care of you.

Daily Challenge

Remember an occasion where you brought your need to God and He took care of you. Write it down, put it someplace safe, then read it the next time you are tempted to worry.

Author Bio

Davin Hutchinson

Davin is passionate about leading students in responding to God’s grace. He is married to Brooke, who is originally from the Bahamas, and together they have twin boys.