Sunday School Devotional | 2020 - Day 16

Eat the Word

By Yujin Han

“Your word I have treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against You.”

Psalm 119:11

Videos of starving, malnourished children with bloated bellies full of worms and parasites always move me. We are so rich in food and resources in the industrialized West, yet we have not eradicated hunger and malnutrition in the world. We have more than enough to feed the world.

Yet, what is more, alarming is the spiritual starvation and malnutrition in America, characterized by broken relationships and dysfunctional families, churches that embrace the confused values of the LGBTQ and Pro-Abortion groups, and Christian businesses that prioritize profits over principles.

The Bible says that this is what happens to people who ignore the Word of God. In Judges 2:10 we discover that a “generation grew up who knew neither the LORD nor what he had done for Israel.” The failure to pass on biblical truth caused every generation thereafter to become morally bankrupt and spiritually destitute so that everyone simply did what was right in their own eyes (Judges 21:25).

American Christians are spiritually malnourished. Most only hear the Word of God during a Sunday morning service. Who can survive on one meal a week? Jesus told a parable where the Word was planted in four different soils (Matthew 13:1-23). The first three lacked any depth, breadth, or cultivation so that the Word could not produce any fruit. Most Christians lack spiritual fruit. They live like spiritual zombies. Yet, the Bible commands, “crave pure spiritual milk so that by it you may grow up in your salvation” (1 Peter 2:2).

It is by reading, hearing, memorizing and applying God’s Word that we become holy and pleasing to God (Psalm 119:9-11). The Word of God convicts us (Hebrews 4:12; James 2:22-25), guides us (Psalm 119:105) and sanctifies us (John 17:17). It is our spiritual arsenal against Satan (Ephesians 6:17). It equips us to do everything God requires (2 Timothy 3:17).
The mission of the First Baptist Dallas Sunday School Ministry is to transform lives with the Word of God through preaching, teaching, and ministering.

REACHING: It is from the Word that we understand the gospel of our salvation and the need to proclaim it to all nations.
TEACHING: The Word of God is the primary nourishment for our growth in knowledge and maturity as disciples of Jesus Christ.
MINISTERING: By properly understanding God’s Word we can more effectively serve one another in keeping with God’s will.

Just as we must eat every day to live and thrive physically, reading and memorizing the Word of God every day enables us to live and thrive spiritually. And we can best do this in a supportive and encouraging community like Sunday School.

Author Bio

Yujin Han

Growing Together Class

Yujin Han is a 1998 ThM graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, who currently leads the Growing Together Sunday School class at First Baptist Dallas. He also runs a martial arts organization and manages investment properties. He is married to Chi and has a 10-year-old daughter, Sophia.