Mark of a Hero

By First Dallas Men’s Ministry

ow do you define a hero? Some of us think of a soldier. Some of us think of the great debate between Marvel and DC heroes and heroines. Maybe you think of the hall of heroes found in Hebrews 11. Or maybe you think of a parent, Sunday School teacher, pastor, or other person who has strongly influenced your life and journey.

Webster dictionary defines a hero as “an illustrious warrior; a person admired for achievements and noble qualities; one who shows great courage.”

The defining mark of a hero comes down to character. As men and leaders in our homes, workplaces, and other areas of influence, Scripture provides a guide for men who desire to emulate godly character.

The truth is, we are all leading someone, and our goal should be to be men of godly character. 1 Timothy 3 describes the character of a pastor, but the qualities apply to every man. Among them, we see that we should be men above reproach, self-controlled, gentle, an effective household manager, thought well of by outsiders, and many more.

None of this is possible without God’s help and the accountability of other men around us. Many times, we grow in godly character by following in the footsteps of other godly men, men who are warriors of the faith, admired for noble qualities, and show great courage, men who follow Jesus no matter the cost. Historic or contemporary, these men are heroes of the faith.

For 14 days, some of the men of First Dallas will share qualities of the heroes in their lives and how these modern day heroes of the faith have discipled, equipped, and encouraged each writer to be a mighty man of God for His Kingdom.