Christmas Devotional | 2018 - Day 17


By Jim Haines

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.”

Luke 2:14

Nan and I were married on January 2, 1981. Yes, we had the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner on New Year’s Day! That was only the beginning of building memories around this special time of the year. Three weeks before our first anniversary, Nan gave birth to the first of our four children. Our daughter entered the world on December 13.

It was a challenge for us to agree on a name for her. Anticipating that she would be born near Christmas, we wanted to choose a name associated with the birth of Christ. We decided on Kristen Noelle. The meaning of Kristen is “follower of Christ.” Our desire for her, and for all of our children, is to follow Christ. The meaning of Noelle is “Christmas” or “birth of Christ.”

Fast forward eight years and we were faced with another challenge. Our second daughter was expected to arrive even closer to Christmas Day. She arrived on December 27 and, again, we wanted to choose a name associated with the birth of Christ. This time, we came across the name Anna in Luke 2:36. Anna served God daily for decades in the temple, awaiting the arrival of the Messiah. God revealed Jesus to Anna when Mary and Joseph brought Him into the temple just days after His birth.

When the Christmas season begins each year and the music of Christmas is heard at church and in the marketplace, I am always reminded of the special gifts God gave to us in 1981 and 1989. Our daughters are a blessing, and we are thankful that they are walking with the Lord today.

Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem was announced to the shepherds by an angel of the Lord. The angel was joined by a heavenly host who praised God and glorified Him. It must have been very frightening and exciting! We celebrate the birth of Christ each year at Christmas because it is so important that He came to earth that night so many years ago. He came so that He could provide the means for us to be saved by His life.

Join me in looking for ways this Christmas to praise and glorify God as the angel and heavenly host did that first Christmas night.

What is your favorite Christmas song?

“O Holy Night”

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Enjoying Christmas morning casserole together with family and friends for breakfast or brunch

What is your favorite Christmas dish or drink?

Sweet potato soufflé

Author Bio

Jim Haines

Jim Haines
Minister to Senior Adults

Jim is passionate about working with Boomers and Seniors because they are the best! He is encouraged by their energy and hearts for the Lord and reaching others for Christ. When Jim isn’t working he enjoys being with his family, preferably at the beach! He also enjoys musical theatre and the symphony. Jim and his wife, Nan, have been married over 35 years and have four adult children.