Men’s Devotional | 2022 - Day 6

Stand Firm in God’s Promises

By Paul Moyer

“If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.”

2 Timothy 2:13

uring this season of life, God has used His Word to get my family and me through difficult and even impossible situations. One of the verses He continues to bring to my mind is 2 Timothy 2:13. It says, “If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.” God has to be faithful because that is a part of who He is. If He says He will do something, you and I can rest assured that He will make it happen. Time after time, God has proven Himself faithful to provide exactly the things I need in difficult situations throughout my life. While my faithfulness to God has wavered, God’s faithfulness never has.

We had been going through a difficult time financially, and our reliance on God was continuously tested. My wife, Natalie, was asked to sing in a group called “Seen Collective,” which sings powerful music about God using women in the Bible. They called her on a Thursday about being a part of a performance in Pennsylvania in one week. It was a great opportunity to minister to the people there, but the event was unpaid. We prayed about it, and on Saturday, God gave the green light for her to go.

We started looking up flights, but they were expensive. Things were already pretty tight financially, but we could make it work if we bought the ticket right then. I asked God which one I should choose, and He told me to wait. Wait? For what? I felt like I needed to remind Him that flights only get more expensive the longer I wait. But I’m glad He is patient with me. He assured me that He will provide because this was a ministry opportunity He wanted Natalie to do. So I put down the computer and waited until the next day to ask Him again.

On Sunday, I looked at the flights and they had jumped up to about $200. If we bought the flight that day, we would have a difficult time until pay-day, but we could still purchase the flight. I asked God again, and once more He told me to wait.

Monday came along, and the flights went up even more. At this point, we couldn’t even afford it. I brought up my concerns to God and asked Him again if I should get the flight and how I should pay for it. Again, He told me to wait.

It was now Tuesday, and Natalie would have to fly out the following day, Wednesday, to make it to the event in time. I was driving home and again asked God if now was the time to book the flight. He told me to go to Expedia when I got home, and He would show me which flight to buy. When I arrived, He pointed out the flight we were to purchase, and I added it to my cart. I checked the bank account, and there wasn’t enough money to pay for it. So, now what do I do, God? I’m sitting there asking God how I am supposed to pay for this flight when we don’t have the money. And all of a sudden, Natalie’s phone rings.

The person calling told Natalie that they had an unexpected bonus given at work that day. It turned out that the company had meant to distribute a bonus several months ago. However, they forgot about it until that very day. God prompted this person to call us and offered to help us out with a need we had. He showed Himself the moment I had the flight in my cart and was trying to figure out how to pay for it!

If we had not waited on the Lord and purchased the flight earlier, we would not have seen God’s powerful hand of provision come through at the last hour. I certainly had my doubts throughout the process, but I always came back to God’s faithfulness because He has proven Himself time and time again in my life. Waiting on God to come through is such a difficult part of our walk, but it’s often the time when we get to see Him do His best work. It is such an incredible promise from God’s Word that even when our faith is wavering, He will always be faithful because that is who our God is. When difficult circumstances arise in your life, you and I can rest knowing our heavenly Father is faithful and does what He says in His perfect timing. He will come through, you might just have to squirm a little bit in the process.

Author Bio

Paul Moyer

Paul has been married to his incredible wife Natalie for 12 years, and they have three young boys—Ty, Tripp, and Tex. He serves in the church as a deacon, Pastor’s Prayer Partner captain, Chairman of the Missions Committee, in the children’s ministry, and as a leader on the Guatemala medical mission trips. Paul currently works as an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist, works with golfers, and is in his fourth year of seminary school at Dallas Theological Seminary.